Athletes in the database by sport No.
Basketball 23
Tennis 3
Soccer 16
Volleyball 4
Track And Field 7
Swimming 3
Golf 1
Fencing 1
Wrestling 1
Water Polo 1
Rowing 1

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New Athletes in basketball, volleyball, and water polo!

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If you want to find out how to earn an athletic scholarship Recruits Database is the place to start. The website lets you create a profile where you can show your skills in your sport. This profile can then be viewed by coaches who will contact you if they are interested in you joining their team. Once a coach contacts you, you can start a conversation with that coach through the website's messaging system. You also get the ability to send coaches a profile card by using the list of college coaches' e-mails which is just a click away. You don't have to type a different e-mail every time. Recruits Database lets you create a profile card template which you can use to send e-mails in a matter of seconds. In addition the website is constantly updated with different articles which aim to help you reach your goals. Most importantly, the website lets you upload your own highlight video, which coaches can view. If you are having trouble with it you can contact us and

we will create the highlight video for you!

We not only assist with that, but we have a contact form through which every user can contact us with any questions he/she might have about applying for an athletic scholarship or about the website.
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Recruits database offers a database with prospective student-athletes and high-school athletes in many sports and from all around the world. The database's scope is international and athletes from any country are free to register. When you register, you gain access to the database of the sport you choose. You will be able to view all the available athletes in a sortable table, and you will be able to view details about each athlete by clicking on their profile. You can establish contact with the athletes you are interested in through the website. You can receive notifications about new registrations in your sport, and about unread messages from athletes you have contacted. Recruits Database ranks each athlete so that you can find the best recruits easily!

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