Thank you for visiting Recruits Database! This is a brand new site developed to create a connection between players and teams. Teams try to recruit players from all over the world and find a hidden gem somewhere, who is going to help them win more games or competitions. There are thousands of athletes who are worthy of an athletic scholarship, but do not know how to get one and are lost in the application process. This website is designed to help both athletes and coaches. With your help, we can build this into a site which can be of enormous help to both players and teams. Sport Link LLC is a company found in November 2013. The mission of the company is to help athletes improve their skills and find a team to continue their careers, and also to help coaches find the best players for their team. The company's goal is to become a leader in giving advice to players who want to be part of intercollegiate sports in the USA, and to be the first place where coaches look for a recruit.