1. The site Recruitsdatabase.net is a virtual information resource on the Internet, created under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria, designed to enable its users to communicate with each other.
2. Recruitsdatabase.net declares that the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, including but not limited to the registration of the Law on Personal Data Protection.
3. The services offered by Recruitsdatabase.net, are dynamic and are constantly to be improved and supplemented, according to the discretion of the site's team, observing the laws of the Bulgarian Republic.


1. These terms and conditions are intended to regulate relations between Recruitsdatabase.net /”Sport Link” LLC/ 1504 Sofia, 18 San Stefano Street. Company represented by Boris Bojanov Brakalov - manager, hereinafter Recruitsdatabase.net, and customers, hereinafter USERS .


1. Information pursuant to the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection :

•    Name of Supplier : “Sport Link” LLC
•    Registered office: 18 “San Stefano” Street, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
•    Address of the activity: 18 “San Stefano” Street, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
•    Contact data: Email: contact@recruitsdatabase.net
•    Phone: +359 889314551
•    Public register number: EIK - 202835218
•    Certificate Number - administrator of personal data


1. Recruitsdatabase.net enables basketball coaches to create an athlete profile which is available to other coaches looking for athletes for their teams. In this profile the coaches provide information about the athletes, which is necessary for coaches to know whether the athletes are suitable for their needs.
2. Site users declare that they agree for the collected information to be available on the territory of the country in which it was collected and in other countries /including the United States of America/ where laws protecting personal information are less restrictive than those of the state of the user.


1. In order to use the services provided by Recruitsdatabase.net, you must be at least 16 years old. Registration and operation of the services provided by the site are strictly prohibited for persons under the age of 16! All athletes isted on the website must be at least 16 years old!
2. The site's team have the right to record IP addresses and any other information necessary for the user’s identification and reproduction of a statement of agreement with these Terms. Personal information is information about the user that is personally identifiable to the user, like his name, address, email address or phone number, as well as other non-public information that is associated with the foregoing.
3.The site’s team declares that the data in the preceding paragraph will not be provided to third parties except in cases of official request from the authorized body by unresolved legal issues.
4. Recruitsdatabase.net declares that for any reason and in any form will not require from a user to re-submit his password and username after completion of the initial registration. Password that was selected is encrypted and not stored anywhere in the database of the site.
5. The user undertakes not to provide his username and password for use by any third parties. The site's team is not responsible for damages caused to the user resulting from the unauthorized use of username and password by third parties.
6. In order to limit false or fraudulent profiles, all subsequent logins and logouts from a registered user of the site are stored in the sites database. The information kept is: which user at what time and on which date has logged in to the site and when has he logged out from his account; each unsuccessful login attempt - recorded time and IP address, name by which an attempt is made to enter a profile, unique number, email and date of each deleted profile and the reason for leaving if the user entered one is kept. In case of repeated failed login attempts, the user is blocked and may not attempt to enter the website for a 15 minute period.
7. The information in the profiles will only be available for:


1.The registration for a  user in Recruitsdatabase.net is a binding contract between the user and the website. When the user click "I agree” after completing the registration, the user agrees to the operating conditions of the website and this is confirmation of the contract.
2. Pursuant to the requirements of Electronic Commerce Act, Recruitsdatabase.net in a clearly comprehensible and unambiguous way informs it's users about the provided by the website:

3. By pressing the button "I agree" between the User and Recruitsdatabase.net a contract was signed thru general terms and conditions pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Electronic Commerce .

4. These terms and conditions are available for the User at any time and he can technically store and reproduce them at any time.
5. Under the provisions of the Electronic Commerce Act, Recruitsdatabase.net inform users that this contract may be concluded both in Bulgarian and English.


1. Recruitsdatabase.net take serious measures to protect the privacy of it’s users under the protection of personal data.
2. For security reasons, any relevant personal data of the users will be send by Recruitsdatabase.net only to the e-mail address that was specified by the user at the time of registration.
3. Upon registration the user receives a system message by which he must confirm the registration.
4. Recruitsdatabase.net accepts and announces Privacy Policy Terms on the website which can be viewed here.


1. The Users have the right to use the services provided by Recruitsdatabase.net, in accordance with these terms and conditions as well as the laws of the Bulgarian Republic and the European Community.
2. The user has free and unrestricted right,  to modify the data he had provided while signing in any time excluding the email of his initial registration, observing  the terms and conditions.
3. A user can delete his profile at any time for which he will receive a system message warning that account deletion is irreversible.
4. The user is obligated to provide the necessary equipment /hardware and software/ himself for unimpeded use of the services provided by Recruitsdatabase.net.
5. The user can use the information published in Recruitsdatabase.net for personal use, but reproduction and dissemination in any manner for commercial purposes is forbidden without the permission of the author.
6. The user is responsible for the content of information which he published about himself or provided to other members of the site.
7. The user shall by no means prevent the services provided by the site or server, or network connected to the server or site.
8. The user is obliged not to publish online materials which:

9. In relation to the usage of the services provided by Recruitsdatabase.net the user must:



1. With a view to the fact that this website Recruitsdatabase.net is for making contact between users of the site, the team is not responsible for the content of published accounts and their truthfulness and relevance. If the user of the site suffered damage as a result of obsolescence or untruthfulness of a profile or otherwise, the responsibility for this lies with the user who posted it.
2. With a view to the fact that comments about the site's users, published in Recruitsdatabase.net are opinions of other users, the site team is not responsible for their specific content. In case that a person feels affected by the publication and the comment that responsibility should be borne by the person who post the comment.
3. In case that as a result of fraudulent actions in the previous two points by the user, team site was harmed, the user is obliged to provide compensation for all damages including compensation paid to third parties, fees and expenses, attorneys' fees etc. The user is obliged to compensate the team of the site in cases where the actions are performed by third parties to whom he had provided his username and password in Recruitsdatabase.net.
4. Recruitsdatabase.net do not intend and do not guarantee any receipt of scholarship and in no way constitutes neither players nor coaches nor universities or clubs, or any institution and is not responsible in any way for failing transfers or arrangements between users of the website.
5. Recruitsdatabase.net is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site. While the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this Web site is correct, complete, and up-to-date.
6. Recruitsdatabase.net is not responsible and is not obliged to monitor the information stored, transmitted or made available by providing services to users, or to seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal activity carried out, except in cases provided by law.


1. The site team does not affect the transformation of your online data and does not ensure that data transmitted will be received without any error, if the error is outside the site sevices .
2. Events that prevent the transformation of information or errors attributable to the site team released Recruitsdatabase.net from any guarantees. In such cases, the team will try to remove the damage as quickly as possible.


1. Either party may terminate this contract.
2. The termination of this Agreement for the users is expressed in deletion of their accounts.
3. Recruitsdatabase.net may terminate this agreement and delete the user’s account  if the user does not comply with the terms and conditions of the web site or otherwise causes or threatens to harm the site or its users.
2. In case that any of the parties fails to fulfill any of its obligations , the other partymay terminate the contract without notification.
3. This Agreement shall automatically terminate upon discontinuation of activities of the site's team and upon stopped support from Recruitsdatabase.net
team, as well by agreeing to stop on both sides.
These terms and conditions are valid from 01.03.2018 as Recruitsdatabase.net team reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notification.